Who we are and what we do and how we do?

Dr. John Edmund Haggai was burdened with a mission to bring the Gospel to millions of unreached people in the developing world. It was with this vision that Haggai here in India, Haggai Institute commenced this ministry in 1988 to fulfill the purpose of equipping Christians who are in a position of leadership and influence in the country to transform the nation with the love of Jesus Christ. The training imparted is comprehensive in bringing contemporary knowledge and practices in the fields of effective communication, leadership, goal settings, planning techniques ... etc.

The Programme

The Programme offers a unique blend of credential faculty presenting culturally relevant curriculum through highly interactive and effective facilitation process.

The Faculty

The Faculty come with rich experience in their area of expertise. More than teachers, they are role models who challenge the participants to higher levels of achievements and maturity.

The Participants

The Participants are a multi-lingual, multi-cultural, multi-racial and cosmopolitan mix. This creates an unique atmosphere and synergy for higher learning.

The Follow-up

The Follow-up of the trained participants is done by continually nurturing them and giving them opportunities to share their experiences at similar seminars ensuring that their training is passed on to others. This Alumni Associations plays an important role in this regard.